Libreoffice, firefox and others language support

Hi there

New clear one linux user. i’m setting my desktop and to my liking. When checking for example, libreoffice-es or firefox-es there are missing from repos only french and turkish

Could you please consider full language suppport?

Thanks for your time

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Not just Spanish… include the 5 most spoken languages.


For LibreOffice:

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Now available in release 33330:

  • libreoffice-extras-lang-ar
  • libreoffice-extras-lang-es
  • libreoffice-extras-lang-fr
  • libreoffice-extras-lang-hi
  • libreoffice-extras-lang-tr
  • libreoffice-extras-lang-zh

Firefox is a different story. We basically provide the upstream binary from Mozilla, so we may not be able to do much with it.

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Chinese, Russian and German are missing… but this is a good start already.

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[zh] is Chinese.

Looks like the original list I used has been updated, so maybe adding Bengali would be the next logical choice. If there’s a specific request for Russian and German I can enable them (which is why I previously enabled French and Turkish), but as each bundle takes up resources in our build, test, and distribution infrastructure, I’d rather not enable more than the top 5 merely out of speculation.

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Instead of looking at Wikipedia’s list of most spoken languages in the world, have a look at these :

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I really believe we should have a voting mechanism for feature requests.
It’s good for tracking, avoids duplicates, and save resources.

Having your language available for Libre Office is not a feature, but an option / necessity.

There should be a simple one click option with download for at least the most used languages.


But recently CL is withdrawing from desktop usages, and I don’t think adding more localisations to desktop applications aligns to that.

Just to restate – I’m happy to add a libreoffice-extras-lang- bundle for any supported language. I just need someone (even a single person) to step up and say “I’d like XX please”. I cannot just enable all of them at once – 109 bundles, and for most of them, there would be 0 actual users.

Just the X most used languages, and the rest can request manually, as you said.

Please add a German language package for libreoffice. I am sure there will be a lot of users. While I reckognize the recent focus shift from the desktop towards other usage patterns clear linux is still one of the fastest and most responsive distributions for desktop use. In fact the only thing keeping me from making it my daily driver is the lack of a proper translation in some key packages, libreoffice included. So if possible, please add German to the list. Thank you - and keep up the great work!

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The whole municipal government of München (Munich) and many other towns in Germany are using Libre Office and other open source software.

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Thanks, I just needed a request from a Clear Linux user :slight_smile:

Bundle request submitted for German language support:


Thank you very much!

Bundle libreoffice-extras-lang-de should be available in Clear Linux releases >= 33410.


Sorry for late reply, thanks for adding spanish support