Libreoffice in french


I installed LIBROFFICE but the interface is in english. When I can pass to french version ?


I had the same problem. I installed the flatpak version to retrieve the french interface.

We currently build LibreOffice with just en_US, but I’m poking at adding more languages now.

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Implement at least the most used languages.

The first link shows where Libre Office is used most already.

The second link shows where it should be promoted a bit more.

My goal is to enable all the languages that LibreOffice supports. I’m working on how to do that without making the main installation massive (approximately 20X current size). I’ll probably add a new bundle, libreoffice-fr or libreoffice-lang-fr, which will pull in the base package along with the additional French language support files, as a preliminary test case. I’m rate-limited by the very long time it takes to compile LibreOffice each time I test a new change, but I’m hoping to get something out next week.


Clear Linux release 31640 is now available, and includes the libreoffice-extras-lang-fr bundle, which adds French Language support (UI, locales, dictionaries, etc.) to LibreOffice.