Lwan on Clear Linux OS Server need Lua-5.1 or LuaJIT-2.0

I need to install Lwan on VM of Clear Linux Server edition in my proxmox home server.
I have installed the dependencies but lack Lua-5.1 and or LuaJIT-2.0
How I can install this? I don’t find the specific bundle.

You’d have to build and install older versions yourself. Clear Linux only has bundles with newer versions

There is not building the source.

I will be very grateful if you can help me.

To build lua from source you need the devpkg-ncurses and devpkg-readline bundles.


Thanks @bunyip. I can now continue my journey to install Lwan on Clear Linux Server.

After trying to run Lua in version 5.1 I found out that I should add it to PATH. Searching for a solution I ended up with a video tip from the YouTube channel already known to me the Glider Space. Introducing the asdf-lua that fell like a glove for my need.

Now I have my project initially working.

More informations here too.

Thanks to everyone who helped me.

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