LXQt missing a window manager?

I installed the desktop build into a Fusion VM. As gdm/gnome do not run so well with older video cards I wanted a less demanding desktop environment. So I installed the desktop-lxqt bundle and I was able to switch to it in GDM. All seemed well, except LXQt needs a Window Manager. The default is OpenBox.

To my surprise, the bundle does not install a window manager, nor do I see an Openbox bundle available.

Hi and sorry for intruding, I see that you managed to install the lxgt environment.
can you please describe the test here:

I somehow can not get the Xserver up and running
Sorry again

There is a desktop-autostart bundle that maybe you are missing?
I started with the desktop iso which includes a working gnome desktop environment. I simply added the LXQt bundle and switched to it via gdm.
My next step will be to switch from gdm to LightDM, once I have LXQt working.

thank you for your answer.
I was hopping that there will be a way to completely skip gnome libraries.

We have similar goals. I am sure there is a way… but how to do it the Clear Linux way is what I am attempting to learn. Gnome3/RHEL have decided to move in directions counter to our environment and needs, so I must find an alternative.

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