Use another X-window session manager

The default Clear Linux X-window session manage is very clear and simple, therefore it is best for Learning and Development. But I want to try another session manager sometimes. How can I install and change the session manager? Those configuration could be changed by different user?

to install an alternative window manager:

sudo swupd bundle-add $ALT_WINDOW_MANAGER

where $ALT_WINDOW_MANAGER is one of:

desktop-kde       (Xorg, Wayland1) website, bundle
desktop-enlightenment (Xorg, Wayland3) website, bundle
xfce4-desktop       (Xorg2)      website, bundle
desktop-i3        (Xorg)      website, bundle
desktop-lxqt       (Xorg4)      website, bundle
desktop-awesome     (Xorg)      website, bundle
sway           (Wayland)    website, bundle

to use your chosen window manager, choose it in your display manager. e.g. in gdm, there is a gear icon on the bottom right which displays a menu of window managers when clicked.
alternative display managers available as swupd bundles are sddm and lightdm.

you can start the xorg based window manager of your choice directly from the tty with startx command. to do this, put exec $WINDOW_MANAGER (where $WINDOW_MANAGER is the wm of your choice) in your xinitrc (/etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc for system wide, ~/.xinitrc for local user). you must also remove the desktop-autostart bundle so that gdm should not automatically start.


i use sway

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Except for Wayland, why is it better than i3 ?

i dont know, ive never really used i3.

Thanks for all replaying useful stuff for me. But I have a new issue here. How to reset the Login Manager to default? Now, it show up another Login Screen for me whenever reboot the PC. I would like to use default Login Manager and try different Window Manager only.

I found the file that controlling the Login Manager finally.