VNC Session - use Clear Linux default session manager

I can setup X-window session through VNC Server on Clear Linux per different user. But I found it starts with GNome Desktop session manager, how can I change it to use the Clear Linux default session manager that same as usual one I uses?

edit ~/.vnc/xstartup to execute the window manager of your choice

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Thanks for replying. Whatever I tried to change others window manager in this file and restart the VNC Server, the VNC Viewer got the same Gnome Desktop, instead of what I want.

The VNC Viewer still uses different Window Manager. Totally different from Clear Linux default attended use case.

your file says to start gnome flashback. i assume this is your intention and instead you are getting regular gnome.
what is in your /usr/share/defaults/xinit/xinitrc ?
the script tries to execute that first. once the session starts the rest of the file is skipped.
/usr/share/defaults/xinit/xinitrc is not intended to be edited directly. (see man stateless.) either just remove those lines from your file, or edit /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc to your liking.

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i dont understand what your intention is. /usr/share/defaults/xinit/xinitrc executes gnome flashback by default, your vnc startup file is executing gnome flashback if /usr/share/defaults/xinit/xinitrc is not found
also based on what you have shown me it seems that you only have gnome installed (includes gnome flashback)

can you tell me exactly what session manager you want to use?

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Yes, you are right. I massed up something while trying to switching Login Manager and Window Manager with other choice.