Manuskript - authoring/writing software

I’m testing how well manuskript works under clear linux.

Manuskript is a perfect tool for those writer who like to organize and plan everything before writing.

Manuskript would be analogous to scrivener.

*) does clear linux have pyqt5?
*) can pandoc be separated from R-extras?
*) can pandoc be updated from 2.1.1 to newer? e.g. 2.7.x?

Thank you.

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sudo swupd install python3-basic
pip3 install PyQt5


sudo rpm2cpio manuskript-0.9.0-1.noarch.rpm | (cd /; cpio -idv)

*) how to install in user’s directory instead of root file system?
*) maybe we need to create a “Clear Newbies” section for some of these questions. #clearnewbies :slight_smile:

Add PyEnchant spell check tools:
sudo pip3 install pyenchant

swupd bundle-add aspell

Have you made a package request on GitHub?

Here’s hoping it (and its dependencies) will be ready for the 2019 National Novel Writing Month