MariaDB remote connect with MySQL Workbench configuration

Anyone know how to actually configure MariaDB on Clear Linux to allow remote connection to the database with MySQL Workbench?

There’s a million guides out there but none of them actually have correct details to successfully configure, so many of the commands are incomplete, or simply do nothing or return errors.

This is just more painful than necessary.

What needs to be done to get this working on Clear lInux anyone?

mariadb on clearlinux defauts to listening only on localhost:3306 and isn’t something you can remotely directly connect to. I would recommend setting up mysqlworkbench to ssh tunnel to the machine for the connection, as that works and maintains encryption between you and the SQL server.

Thanks ahkok,

Finally got this working albeit with important warning telling me that MariaDB is non standard version.

Do you know of any other MariaDB specific remote connecting desktop applications (must be macOS and Linux versions) that actually is compatible with the MariaDB on Clear Linux?

Incompatible/nonstandard server version or connection protocol detected (10.4.6).

A connection to this database can be established but some MySQL Workbench features may not work properly since the database is not fully compatible with the supported versions of MySQL.

MySQL Workbench is developed and tested for MySQL Server versions 5.6, 5.7 and 8.0

If can be available on Clear Linux in the future, maybe we need consider a more modern agile database like Tarantool, Couch Database, MongoDB etc