Minecraft Java Edition

So I just installed a bare metal install of Clear* Linux. Went to Mojang and downloaded the Minecraft Launcher.

Did the following
sudo mkdir -p /opt/minecraft
sudo tar xvf Minecraft.tar.gz --strip=1 -C /opt/minecraft
sudo swupd bundle-add java-runtime


It is not returning any errors and it just goes to the prompt for the next command.

daystars@daystars-pc/mnt/Saved/Minecraft sudo java -version openjdk version "1.8.0-u222" OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0-u222-ga-b00) OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.71-b00, mixed mode) daystars@daystars-pc/mnt/Saved/Minecraft

That is the response from Java. From I understand this should be working. I have already fixed the mime-types in my Windows Manager so other things are working properly. Any thoughts?

if you ldd libcef.so this file is missing.
libgconf-2.so.4 => not found

sudo swupd bundle-add devpkg-GConf

Now it works properly.

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Minecraft is available as a flatpak package, isn’t that working?

Sure that it does but if you want to use resource packs, shaders or install any type of mods you need the Java Edition in my experience. In this case making it work natively just took some work. Figuring out why Steam doesn’t work properly now when installed with the games bundle.

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You mean it’s also because of the lack of GConf?

For Minecraft Java Edition with the launcher it won’t launch after
sudo swupd bundle-add java-runtime

Reason is gconf is not installed by default. After installing that it works fine. I will write up a walk through with pictures tonight and post it.
Steam not working when installed through the bundles is a completely different issue though. Something about an upstream memory error in /lib64/haswell/libc

So I removed the games bundle and downloaded the tar ball from

This one seems to work and run the updates until it requires libdrm 32 bit, I haven’t found which bundle outside of games contains a 32 bit version of this library yet.

Yes the flatpak Steam works if you run default installation, since I store all of the proton / windows games in a different drive the flatpak doesn’t work for me. So trying to get the native install working.

Steam has to be installed manually. The /usr/bin/steam that comes from the games bundle is just a wrapper (linux-steam-integration) that is supposed to make Steam work better on Linux after it has been installed.

If you keep the games bundle installed and install Steam using the deb archive (like shown in this Phoronix article) it should work. Note: you might have to get a newer URL to the steam client download than in the article.

Can you make a separate topic for steam? This is about Minecraft and steam has nothing to do with that - it deserves it’s own topic as well.

I would suggest, just as @doct0rHu, that you use the flatpak. I’ve used it and it is the java edition. Proof that it is:


Minecraft requires a little bit more to actually properly run. The flatpak does the right thing and provides everything you need. You can totally do this manually but you’d have to keep it updated yourself, and flatpak makes that part trivial.

This is one of those cases where flatpak just does really well and we can’t really improve on in the OS.

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I already have the minecraft-launcher working. I will try the flatpak tonight though, curious to see if it supports resource packs, shaders and what not to be honest. Installing GConf / Java runtime is all it took.