Mixing a fully functioning tiling windows manager experience

I’d like to pick and choose which parts of the ‘desktop’ bundle I add to my mix. I’m having a difficult time following the documentation.

It’s seems to me to be all of a particular bundle or nothing.

I need GVFS, a polkit agent, and some other things to get i3 and awesome working the way I need them to, but I’m not wanting to download Gnome.

So what command specifically tells mixer to take part of an existing upstream bundle but not the entire thing?

Again I’ve read the documentation but I must be missing something


The non-default desktops all have this issue. I’ve resolved some of it with the lightdm bundle. That should get you polkit and a few useful (small) libraries. I fear however that gvfs may pull in more gnome libs than you want, though.

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Do you need to mixer or do you just want to install bundles?

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I’d rather just bundle. I have the lightdm bundle but without a vfs and ‘gsettings-schema’ included I lose a lot of functionality when navigating file manager.

What file manager are you actually using?

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Thunar for now, my preference is pcmanFM

Ok, I can see about adding gvfs to thunar - that is a reasonable addition and Thunar is kind of nice :slight_smile:

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And basically when I try to right click open. ‘file associations’ program. I got the error which stated I needed to install g setting and GVFS. When I installed them the functionality works as expected

That would be Awesome thank you

Last question. Is there an icon set for ‘battery status’ I’m using Lenovo Thinkpad and on my i3\awesome would be very useful to have

I’m very interested to get an i3 Clear Linux setup working.
I have started reading documentation to get an idea of how to proceed.

  • Except from this dependency issue, what are the current blockers ?
  • Is it conceivable for you to share your custom distribution in it’s current state ?
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Obstacle is understanding how to use auto specs for RPMs. I use autorandr with my i3 set ups for multiple monitors. Trying to use their spectacle to create an RPM has failed every time.

They have a bundle where I could find pretty much most of the packages I need to create a highly functioning tiling window manager. but that bundle is two gigs worth of packets and I only need a few of them, so understanding how to write an exclusion for the majority of these packets I’m not going to use has been not easy, especially following the documentation.

I’m still about 2 weeks out from sharing because again it’s not working the way it’s supposed to.

Did we add GVFS to Thunar yet? Also is there a devpkg-gvfs that can be added. Feel like it is need more as a stand alone that can be applied multiple custome desktop environments.

I’m adding it to xfce4-desktop. At some point we need to clean this all up and section it better so it can be added to other desktops as well, but, too much to do atm :).

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Thanks a lot …Awesome :+1: