When is the next release update scheduled?

Just wondering when the next update is scheduled. Hoping it will include updates to the installer that allow for manual partitioning.

Also would be great to update the “customize bundle-tutorial” with the mixer tool. I tried to mix a custom ‘desktop-awesome’ bundle that would include GVFS for thunar and a polkit-agent, but my mix wouldn’t exclude all the packages I didn’t want or need from desktop-dev bundle.

I know there’s gotta be away to exclude unwanted packages, and I don’t care if I have to type a novel, I feel like there we should have that option.

No offense to the original packager to desktop-awesome and desktop-i3 (where’s the desktop-sway) but they are a lot of dependencies not included for the packages to be stand alone like you find with Manjaro Desktop-Awesome or i3 experience, which is what I’d like to recreate in Clear Linux.

CL has a rolling release model and tends to have multiple releases a day. So an updated is scheduled for today, technically :wink: This model allows CL to pickup software updates as soon as they are available.

The code for manual partitioning is still under development though. Keep an eye on the GitHub issue to see when it gets merged. Then keep an eye for the installer team to cut a new release of the installer software. Once it’s available, you can be assured it’ll be available in CL quickly.

Can you share the link to the documentation page you’re referring to? Just to (literally) be on the same page.

It’s ok. Most of us have thick skin and appreciate the feedback from passionate users.

Mixer is kind of a hefty solution. It’s ok if you want to learn that process but for testing and validation, I’d suggest checking out the testing section of the autospec documentation.

If you just care about getting it in CL for use, you always can make a request on GitHub. Here’s an example of some changes that were requested to the i3 bundle not too long ago.

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@puneetse… Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll head over to GitHub for the request which has a lot of similarities to i3 enhancement request.

*Yes I deserved that zinger on the rolling release so touchè :grin: I was wonder more about a release of the new installer .img

I would like to know how to build a my own customization because I like to “cook my own food” so a video or a more descriptive guide would be great.

The custom bundle info starts here…

Update and build bundles.

"Add, edit, or remove bundles that will be part of your content and build them. mixer automatically updates the mixbundles file when you update the bundles in your mix.

View the mixer.bundle man pagefor more information on configuring bundles in a mix.

View the mixer.build man page for more information on building bundles.

View the Bundles section for more information on how mixer manages bundles."

@puneetse… Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll head over to GitHub for the request which has a lot of similarities to i3 enhancement request.

Even more if you have the improvement to any package they are

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