Modifying Password Requirements

I’ve been trying to figure out how to modify the password requirements. I know the OS uses PAM Cracklib for the password security. However, the only directory I can find pam.d/ is in /usr/share/. I modified these files, but I believe they are just “templates” and not the files that are actually used.

Has anyone else been successful in modifying the password requirements?


They are actually used. You can modify them, but swupd would overwrite them. Instead, if you want to add new, or modify pam.d files, then copy them or create them in /etc/pam.d. Files in /etc/pam.d/ have preference over files in /usr/share/pam.d.

I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m confused about this but, if I understand things right, /usr/share is where swupd puts system defaults, so your settings would be changed back the next time your system gets swupd-updated. User mods usually go in /etc, and usually you have to create your own directories when you install your user-modified files there, so searching for /pam.d/ and not finding it elsewhere on your system doesn’t mean your user mods are supposed to go somewhere under /user/share. This is my first experience with Linux, but I understand that CL does things differently, by putting all the defaults elsewhere than /etc.

And there, in the mean time, one of the devels posted your answer, but these comments might be useful to you anyway…

Ok, I’ll move my modifications there then.

I think the reason I didn’t think it was working was because I was trying to update my password via the GUI, but when I did it via passwd it worked like a charm.