Enterprise-login installs /etc/pam.d/chpasswd file

Unexpectedly, the enterprise-login bundle seems to install the file /etc/pam.d/chpasswd
Below is the contents of the file:

auth sufficient pam_rootok.so debug
account sufficient pam_rootok.so debug
password include common-password debug

Is this change required for one of packages in the enterprise-login bundle? I am not sure if this file should remain. If I remove the file and run swupd diagnose, no warnings or errors are generated concerning the file.

What version of CL are you using?

I installed the enterprise-login bundle on 30500 and didn’t get that file in /etc/

It’s more likely that a program/service created that file after starting rather than the content coming from swupd (e.g. something called chpasswd). We have checks along the way to make sure things don’t slip outside of /usr from packages.

Users/Admins owns /etc directory, so swupd do not touch it.

As @puneetse said, an application created that file.

The file appeared before 30500 but an update to 30500 also produced the file. As I did not run anything other than a reboot after the update, it must have been with the restart of the services. I will try to investigate this further.

I will note that once the file is removed, it does not reappear after subsequent reboots.