Multi-Boot Clear Linux OS

The Clear Linux installer is being actively worked on and improved. If you want to see the latest areas that are being worked, check out the kanban board and bug triage that @mhorn keeps updated


This is what clr-boot-manager does. Of course, it seems to fail in this (somewhat complex) situation, so that would need fixing :slight_smile:

So is this a bug in clr-boot-manager?

Given the length of the thread, I’m not sure. However, multiboot is one of the things that clr-boot-manager should support. Either it works, or it’s technically a bug, yes.

Just to make sure, you need to set the timeout and then run clr-boot-manager update to get the setting into the configuration files that are used to boot the system (I’d call that a bug).

Well, there is an easy unconventional solution i found from another forum: you just install every other os with its own efi partition, yes!, and when you boot, just click the F8 or maybe an other F one on your system to activate the HARDWARE boot option menu and there you are with all yours systems available…just choose the efi you want to boot from. Enjoy!

That’s pretty much what I ended up doing. The “ESP” is only about 256 megabytes :wink:

Clear linux seriously can’t dual boot? Geez at least don’t allow for installation to a partition then – require the whole disk and then say in the installer that you can’t dual boot.

edited to add … just installed it from live session on USB and about to reboot.

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Reinstalling Windows and other Linux distros are out of question, just because the clr-installer cannot just write its efi boot folder to the /boot/efi/EFI/, just like all other Linuxes do. In the live session, Clear Linux looks as something to look into, but until the installer becomes user-friendly/other OS/distros-friendly not many would even try it. (Writing from the live-desktop.)

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If that is of interest I m dual booting from a single SSD; with Clear Linux on a partition and some other Linux distrib on another… I DO need to get into the BIOS to “select” the “other” boot Drive but since its quite fast to do and only requires 2 clics…it does the trick for me.
once in CL. I can always mount and work with the other Distrib partition content…

In a way its kind of separate both Distrib from one another so I m rather preserved from messing up with the Boot system and not being able to boot from any …since I m not a Boot-Guru !

Have left a 3rd partition and will probably try to install one more distrib (or windows)::if any need::

Did you install the other Linux first or after?
Did you use safe installation method?

Yes; I tried to keep my existing Partitions and played with Gparted but I could not find a way arroundin order to keep my existing Windows partition
So it is very likely CL has to come first…(Just like windows wants to be first)

I just plugged another SSD and formated the whole disk and it worked like a breeze this way:
One thing one could try if you can plug both drives to your PC (which I cant on my mini-pc)
is to :

  • 1rst install LC
  • 2 do a quick NEW Windows install on a 2nd partition
  • 3 make a image of your Exist Windows ACTUAL partition:
  • 4 copy your OLD window Image on Top of your New Win Partition…
    …could be a quick way to not reconfigure all your Window config from scratch
    Run a window Repair if needed…

I used a new smaller SSD so did not need to use a safe method i guess


That’s what I don’t want to do. I have few Linuxes as well and some data partitions. I don’t want to do anything to them, so CL would have to wait until the installer would find a way to install and coexist with other Linuxes, Windows and Data partitions. I don’t mind having another EFI folder as Solus would do, but not any kind of destructive installing. The swap file can be inside the partition as Ubuntu does. Thanks anyway. :slight_smile:

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yeah, what a bummer; I wish they d all agree to build a simple MAC/LIN/WIN global Boot system - somehow - so we d never have that kind of limitations…

You can install Clear Linux after Windows is installed (I lobbied hard for this as it’s going to be the most widely used configuration as just about every system is sold with Windows, and it’s useful to keep around for situations where it’s needed).
Please check dual-boot Clear Linux OS and Windows 10 OS and let us know if there are any bugs in the documentation.

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Agreed! I had Linux Mint and Clear Linux as the second installed OS on my NUC8i7HVKVA. Both worked well but to gain access to either I had to go to the BIOS to choose the one I wanted. Not really a problem but today I could not get either Mint or Clear to actually boot nor would the system accept my password. I think that Clear had updated itself and somehow merged Both OSes because When I tried to enter Clear it gave me the option to choose Cinnamon on the boot. Of course it wouldn’t accept my password so it wasn’t an actual choice. Finally, I went to my Clear Linux USB and gparted to delete Clear. But then my Mint would still not boot or even give me the choice. So I reinstalled Clear and it boots and works fine but poor Mint does not.

It’d be nice, if the installer be friendly with other installed Linuxes too. If not, CL would be a distro for only geeks,and even geeks won’t install it, as many already have Windows and other Linuxes in their boxes. A distro has to be installed on bare metal to be enjoyed. There’s no fun in using a live iso or installing it on VMs. Maybe, one day the CL Team would decide let everyone try CL on bare metal, without fear. :slight_smile:

You can find the correct answer/solution to the problem here.

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Samsung DEX is going into the garbage shuet apparently :joy::smile::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My understanding is that Linux on DEX has been abandoned, not DEX entirely. In any case sheet music display on my Samsung S5e is working out reasonably well. I really haven’t used DEX as much as I thought I would. I find Windows 10 to be completely user unfriendly. I would like to see a Microsoft Surface with a Linux desktop installed on it out of the box. In lieu of that, I may purchase on of the new Dell XPS 13 2 in 1’s and put Kubuntu 19.10 on it.