Need help with Server ISO + Xfce4 desktop!

Do anyone install Clearlinux xfce via Server image?I’m unable set up my things clearly Any help me out
The problems are
No wifi icon in panel
No batttery icon in panel
No bluetooth
Hard disk is not mounting (Also Gparted is not opening)
Not able to use flatpak
xfce4 notificatons are not working (instead gnome’s notifications are working)

My advice when using CL as a GUI (though it may be regarded as trite and possibly even unhelpful) is to get used to a just vanilla gnome installation and focus on your shell and toolchain. Also if you are on a powerful machine and have many diverse requirements run many VM’s. Just do your resource heavy tasks which are slower elsewhere (builds, IDE, data analysis --even web browser – etc.) on CL.

Otherwise you will likely spend more time working on your desktop than anything else.


What you want to do is server install + os-utils-gui + lightdm.

See my post here: