New bundle after upgrade

After “swupd update” recently I have noticed some new bundle was added. How to get more information on that? I am not keeping list of all bundles, so may be a bit more explicit information would be useful.

That functionality is still being developed.

In the meantime you can lookup bundle info here :

You don’t need to keep the list. You can just check the commit history of clr-bundles repository.

Sorry, I was unclear. I have noticed one new bundle was added to my local OS without clear info on that. I have checked commit history for clr-bundles (thanks doct0rHu) and, hopefully have figured out. But explicit info on that at upgrade would be beneficial.

This kind of suggestion can be made in clearlinux/swupd-client repository.

But think about this, if there’s an upgrade to a package and if that’s a package you often use, you may already notice the major changes. For example, git introduced new subcommands, and without tracking its change logs, I already know this change.

If there are some non-trivial changes to a package but you cannot feel it, it either means it’s backend, or it means you’re not ever using this package or at least not the part that changed recently. To this kind of packages, you do need to read change logs to keep updated. But if you’re not even using it regularly, why even bother reading the change logs?

So I always found myself get into this kind of dilemma in the past and then I knew it’s called Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO).

I think detailed update logs would be helpful, but for most updates, you either don’t need the details, or you should consider actively track the development progress if this package is a part of your workflow.