New clear linux desktop not able to find /boot (bootloader)

Hey guys,

I have just installed clear linux desktop on my dell xps 15 2018 and all the installer went without any issues. However when I reboot the laptop its not detecting the /boot drive and I cant boot the system at all.

I cant see anything that needs to be enabled/disabled in the bios.

Any tips would be tops?

I have a dell xps 15.
I didn’t have to do anything special in bios, other than what needs to be done for any linux:

  1. Disable Secure Boot
  2. In System Configuration
    Disable RAID on
    Enable AHCI
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Yeah so I had all those setting setup.

Turns out for some reason when I did the auto disk format it didnt update the uefi setting in the bios, however when I did the install with a manually formatted disks it updated the uefi and all worked.