No Exfat Support?

From what I can tell, there is no exfat support for Clear. In Ubuntu, gaining this support is achieved through installing the exfat-fuse and exfat-utils packages, but I cannot find them in swupd. This is a bit of a deal breaker for me, and one I should not have overlooked. If anyone could provide a solution, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

You can compile exfat-fuse yourself. Unfortunately we can’t package this software, otherwise we already would have.

It seems simple enough and dependency hell does not seem to be much of an issue on Clear so far, so I will give it a bash.
Is there likely to ever be alternative repositories for encumbered software, such as RPMFusion, provided by others? Quite a difficult question to answer, I understand, but I try to avoid depending on compiling as much as possible, and this is the only downside I have found with Clear so far.

Hello, could you please give some clues about how to compile this feature? Thank you!

The instructions are available at the projects Github. All the dependencies are available from Clear bundles and can be easy found using swupd search <dependencyHere>. I found them all very quickly, and in fact most were installed already. Downloading them all took a very long time. Once you have dependencies satisfied, just follow the compile instructions line by line and I assume everything will be hunkie dorie. I am about to compile myself and I will report back in the outcome.

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All the dependencies are available from Clear bundles and can be easy found using swupd search <dependencyHere>

Scratch that; turns out I didn’t install fuse-devel (or libfuse-dev) and I am unable to find them in the repos. I think they may go by a different package name, but I am no expert. As such, I cannot mount exfat partitions.

If someone more knowledgeable could chime in, the help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi there. Could you help us a little with this issue? Is a complex thing, for the average user. Thanks.

swupd bundle-add devpkg-fuse should contain the necessary files.

You may need the devpkg-compat-fuse-soname2 bundle instead of devpkg-fuse. You’ll likely also need c-basic or maybe dev-utils.

devpkg-fuse is already installed.

I’m also having this issue. I’ve installed all the dependencies, compiled and installed the driver per the GitHub linked above. No errors. I reboot my system and I’m still unable to mount exfat. I’m not sure what I’ve done wrong. Any help would be appreciated.