Nvidia driver and opencl


i have installed the nvidia driver and it is working quite well. I am also using OpenCL for Leela Zero. But I have the problem that clinfo only shows the nvidia opencl platform for the root account and not for my user account. Do you have any pointers what I have to change to make opencl available to my user accounts?

(libnvidia-opencl.so.1 is located in /opt/nvidia/lib)

Thanks and Regards

Adding the user to the video group did the job. OpenCL is now working for my user account.

IIRC this happens automatically if the user is created during GNOME setup, but not if the the user was createds manually or with the installer.

This is not really the final solution. After shutdown user account does not find opencl again. After I switch to root and use opencl and then leaving root, user account can use opencl again.