Nvidia drivers vision

why not make the installation of Nvidia drivers as simple as this :

1- the user downloads the driver
2- the system gets a tool that asks the user for the intended driver to install and then this tool does the rest for the user and bam the system is now much easier.

good idea. why not you make it?

I don’t have the programming skills, unfortunately. but fortunately, intel does. it is going to be good for everyone and also for the general marketing and the quality of life.

Due to licensing issue they can not distribute the driver in binary form. Scripts for installation exist.

this way they aren’t redistributing the driver binary they are just automating the installation. the user downloads the driver from the official site and a tool asks foe the driver the user downloaded to automate the installation. instead of diving into the world of installing it using terminal and so on

btw I found your scripts incredibly useful.

@doct0rHu did you think about bundling your scripts in a 3rd-party repo or something like that? Maybe automating the preinstall/install/postinstall scripts by triggering them “post-reboot”?
I think it’s not too hard right now, (well, except that Nvidia drivers basically don’t work on 5.9, sigh) but with a bit of effort one could combine preinstall/install/postinstall in a single script (or at least install and postinstall)

it’s not hard to combine them.
I haven’t yet because I need proper error handling if I want it fully automated, which is hard to do in bash.
if I use another language, then it deviates from the tutorial more, and that’s what I’m trying to avoid.

Yeah I’m not an expert in bash, sometimes I’d rather write C++ and compile it