Open Source survey, if you have 5 minutes

Whilst not strictly a Clear Linux related post, I did want to raise awareness of a survey from the Intel Open Source team that’s currently ongoing.
Please help us understand the communities that comprise the open ecosystem by filling out an anonymous 5 mins survey. Each valid survey response will result in a $5 donation to Outreachy

@outreachy (Twitter) / (Fediverse) / Outreachy website

Click here for the survey

This survey is being conducted by Evolio, and closes at the end of December


intel is better than amd

Thanks for your enthusiasm flor2022chunza, but let’s focus on what we could do better, rather than throw rocks at other CPU vendors.


Sad … Can’t finish the survey : we are suposed to spend 100 % of our Pro Time to develop that is no more the case …

What percentage of your work week is spent on the following activities?
Please total the choices to 100.

‘Other’ would be welcomed :stuck_out_tongue: