Phoronix: Latest Benchmark on powerfull mobile Workstation

can someone tell me why CL performs so bad here? This is really surprising

It has Nvidia card, just wondering out loud if he installed Nvidia driver for clear and if that played a part in the performance.

Didn’t read the entire article.

well usually Michael does a pretty good job (his benchmarks are the benchmark of benchmarks) - so I would assume that he did that correctly.

Besides it does not explain the abysmal performance with CPU only tasks.

He did, as far as I can see, and yes, that would have a significant impact on any result.

@Air_Dedman: Search the www for Linux and Intel Xeon E-2286M, doesn’t seem to be the perfect match yet.

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@spktkpkt owning one of this processors this is a real bummer. Especially if one considers that this should be the best professional mobile workstation cpu. Intel doesnt make it easy to like their products. But I guess “red” hope is comming :wink:

and still I dont get why especially Clear Linux performs that bad compared to the other distros on this machine. That is highly unusual. Other Benchmarks on Phoronix show the clear superiority of Clear Linux concerning Performance.