Preemption Model for Fully Preemptible Kernel for linux-preempt-rt


I’m trying to build linux-preempt-rt (5.10.59) and when I try make menuconfig I cannot select the General setup Preemption Model for Fully Preemptible Kernel (Real-Time).

False Alarm. I think that I’ve figured it out.

You can’t edit (make menuconfig) the .config file until the patches are first applied. So I’ll do a two step process: First, perform a default build. Second, go to the build directory (/var/lib/mock/somewhere) and edit (make menuconfig) the .config file there, then copy .config back to the original package config file and perform a second build.

Here are the steps that I took:

cd ~/clearlinux
make clone_linux-preempt-rt
cd packages/linux-preempt-rt
make build

cd /var/lib/mock/clear-linux-preempt-rt/root/builddir/build/BUILD/linux-5.10.59/preempt_rt/
make menuconfig
cp .config ~/clearlinux/packages/linux-preempt-rt/config
cd ~/clearlinux/packages/linux-preempt-rt
make build