Proxy setup in Clear Linux Server


I am trying to understand how the proxy handling in clear linux could look like.
It a server / no gui, not much interactive users, mainly services.

I am aware of the documents like:

The network I am in does not have a wpad or other host with a pac flile,
so the autoproxy as is in “auto” is not an option.

What I wondered, how is autoproxy actually working, like is it only libcurl based
applications which will benefit from it or also others and how is the usage of that
actually happening, like the DBUS examples is this just a test or are there applicatoins also using DBUS to discover their connection options?

Is there a way to manually set at proxy.pac file locally with the “autoproxy”?

That at least that would be way more flexible than using the profile.d/proxy.conf
where I also wonder which services would obey to use the environmental variables.

I have also seen that there is a proxy section in the nmconnection config files, but I have not really found good info around that, from the log and nmcli print I can see the config is active, but I can not see it being active.