Installing behind a corporate proxy with authentication

Fellow Clear users,

Is there a way to configure the Clear Linux installer to work behind a corporate proxy with authentication?

E.g. in Ubuntu, apt uses the http_proxy and https_proxy with a well known syntax:

$ export http_proxy=“http://username:Password@your.proxy:your.port”


Marlon Borba.

$ export http_proxy=“http://username:Password@your.proxy:your.port”

it is the same for CL.

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So the steps are:

  1. open a shell
  2. elevate privileges (i.e. sudo)
  3. set http_proxy
  4. from the shell run the Clear Linux Installer
  5. select disk for installation, bundles etc.
  6. done

yes, that should work.

Also you can set the proxies from the Gnome settings

CL contacts the swupd server via https://, you may try to export the https_proxy variable, it works for me. FYI.

Try instead:

export https_proxy=<proxy_url>

Note, the proxy url value can start with either http:// or https:// depending on your network.

FYI I could not get the graphical installer to work behind a proxy at all. There is no option to configure the proxy in the installer and it does not seem to respect the environment variables or the network control panel proxy settings. Running the text installer worked fine and had a setting option to configure a proxy. I am not sure if this helps, but hope it does.

The GUI installer uses the Gnome proxy settings for this and it should also be looking for the environment variables as well. Since the text-based installer works that’s definitely a step in the right direction. Are you able to connect to the internet at all in the live-desktop session?