Clear Linux authenticating to LDAP/IPA?

Has anyone been successful configuring Clear Linux to authenticate against a LDAP/IPA directory server? I have hit roadblocks in my attempts to configure CL with the available bundles, I sure could use some guidance.

I have not done this on clear linux yet… maybe if i find the time, I will try to test it. I always go the arch wikis for manual configurations for things like this:

I am sorry that I am not much help, if you can post some more specific problems with your configuration, it would be very helpful as to finding the cause on why it isn’t working. Cheers!

I am not sure anyone has to date. I am working toward connecting to an IPA Server but it seems the sssd bundle needs a bit of help so I am starting to work on that. But knowing if someone has been successful would be encouraging.

And yes, the Arch site is a great place for information, and so too is the Gentoo site.