Ratbagd.service Failed to enable service

It compiled with no errors on the 6th try. Dependancy hell. Why do they come up one at a time?

It put ratbagd.service in /usr/local/lib64/systemd instead of /usr/share/systemd/system/ as the readme specifies. I copied the file there but it didn’t help.

“Failed to enable unit: Unit file ratbagd.service does not exist.” I can see it.

I need my 11 button G700s to work. Gentoo let me edit xorg.conf and xbindkeys. Changing profiles was headache. Wayland breaks my mouse :frowning: I think.

Brilliant OS. A new Skull Canyon running Windows looks slow beside a last gen NUC on clear. Programs don’t load. They blink on. Except GIMP and it’s ~6 times faster than the windows box.

/usr/local/lib64/systemd is incorrect. systemd expects the file to be in /usr/local/lib/systemd instead. The lib part is because it’s not a binary file and non-platform specific, so it doesn’t go into lib64 but lib.

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I copied the file and it still doesn’t work. I went looking in meson.build and found

if enable_systemd
unitdir = get_option(‘systemd-unit-dir’)
if unitdir == ‘’
libdir = get_option(‘libdir’)
default_unitdir = dep_systemd.get_pkgconfig_variable(‘systemdsystemunitdir’)
# Fedora uses lib64 but systemd is in lib. Hack around this so it
** # works out of the box.**
intended_unitdir = join_paths(get_option(‘prefix’), get_option(‘libdir’), ‘systemd’)
if get_option(‘prefix’) == ‘/usr’ and intended_unitdir != default_unitdir
systemd unitdir libdir mismatch detected, changing unitdir to
or specify with
mesonconf -Dsystemd-unit-dir=

		See https://github.com/libratbag/libratbag/issues/188
		unitdir = default_unitdir
		unitdir = intended_unitdir


I think that means it should work in lib64 for Clear too.