Configure: error: *** libsndfile >= 1.0.2 not found!

I’m trying to get mednafen the PSX emulator work in FS-UAE. I compiled libsndfile but came up with a lot of permission errors. "file INSTALL cannot copy file "… to … “: Permission denied.”
I chowned the directories till I got a clean install.

mednafen still can’t find it. It’s in the $PATH. Do I need to chown all the directories back to root?

It’s impossible to say what happened without logs and what you’re trying to do but:

You probably just needed to do sudo make install so that it could write to system-owned areas instead of chowning everything.

Yes. One of the great things about Clear Linux OS the ability to fix mistakes learning opportunities like this when they happen. Because each file in the system-owned area is tracked in a manifest (including inode information) by swupd, you can repair anything you chmodded in /usr with sudo swupd repair --force --picky.Note: this will remove anything that Clear Linux did not place there.

I must have been having a very blond moment :confused:

-whitelist to save the extras.

Ok. It’s a blond life with brunette moments. I read the log. “export PATH=/usr/lib64/pkgconfig:$PATH”
fixed it.