Reinstall clear linux fail

I installed on my MSI and was working OK so I did few experiment and then I boot from the USB delete the previous installation ( boot partition, swap, lusk).
Reboot start the USB and start the install procedure, select all the option on fist page and chose the start install, after the recreation of all the partition it stop saying it failed to install.
I redelete the partition and restart the all process… after few failure I’m her to seek some ideas.

Your message does not include any details - did you do a destructive install on the whole drive, or a safe install? Did you delete all the partitions on the drive, and not leave enough space? Try and include screenshots of options you selected and how your drive layout is, etc…

Ok I got all the screen and also the log, but is 31 MB zip
let me know ho I can pass to you.

Ok let see if this work, i attach here

Can you share the /root/clr-installer.log from the boot USB when the fail occurs?
That is where the details are about why it failed. You might want to remove any user name, hostname. IP address, or drive details that you do not want to share publicly before posting.

You can get it from this ilnk

swupd is core dumping during the installation of files:

2020/02/24 09:58:12 [ERR] An error occurred executing command: “swupd os-install --statedir-cache=/var/lib/clr-installer/offline-content --path=/tmp/install-949323688 --statedir=/tmp/install-949323688/var/lib/swupd -V 32330 --force --no-boot-update --json-output -B os-core-update,openssh-server,c-basic,desktop-autostart,git,vim,NetworkManager,sysadmin-basic,tzdata,kbd,boot-encrypted,kernel-native”. Error: signal: bus error (core dumped)

Usually, if we see this it is due to the ISO image being corrupted.
Can you please verify the checksum on the ISO you downloaded? And then trying reflashing the ISO image to the installation media ensuring you use one of the known good methods:

Thanks @mhorn, I will try and let you know.
But it sound strange to me because I used this image/USB key to install 2 times on my Matebook and also for the previous install on the MSI.
Forgot to say I use my main PC to create the USB, with Etcher under Manjaro.

OK is working, thanks a lot

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