Resize root partition

I installed Clear using the graphical installer, which did not let me do the partitioning but used the unallocated space that is quite large. Now I want to resize the partition, but since /etc/fstab does not exist, I wonder how could I edit the mount point afterwards. I found this blog but it does not mention how to edit existing mount points. I also want to move the EFI partion so I wonder if the fixing broken install guide works.

Are you able to install and start Gparted ?

as @nayab pointed out :

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That would not be a problem. What do you suggest afterwards? I’m pretty sure after resizing the partition would change UUID (as well as partition number), though I don’t know if that would affect booting/finding the kernel to boot.

You can resize the partition without changing the UUID. First, you resize the ext4 filesystem (by some really large number), then you shrink the partition (to your desired size), and then you grow the ext4 filesystem again so that is uses the whole partition.

So if you have a 1tb partition, and you want only 500GB, you’d resize the ext4 filesystem to e.g. 250GB, then use parted to change the size of the partition to 500GB, and then resize the ext4 filesystem again to fill the partition.

references to read: man resize2fs and man parted