Run Clear Linux on Raspberry Pi (8GB)?

Raspberry Pi Foundation confirmed the 8GB RAM Raspberry Pi 4; my brothers and I plan to create a cluster using these boards, can CL run on these ‘cuties’ architecture and all?

Intended case: Server; running bots/scripts and machine learning tasks.

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I just recently got Clear Linux working on a Beelink T4, which has an x86_64 processor on it. The install was easy enough, but I had issues with the bootloader and needed to manually add / edit the entry to make it bootable post install.

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probably not. CL is custom build by Intel for Intel CPUs. While that performance benefit is one good reason… CL overall packaging and designs are great and having the one OS in the DC would make me happy.

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Possible alternative

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Im very sorry for being someone to advocate for other distros, but clear being what it is, are there not better distro options to fully optimize the PiBox with presumably less headache. Just like you wouldnt use something built for amd on intel. Especially when you are looking for machine learning you want to spend more time working on that than just getting the distro to breathe.
Just my 0.02$

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This is your best option. Small enough to be handled quite nicely and powerful enough for any type of application.

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Awesome! Thank you for the alternatives… Given my location (:round_pushpin:South Africa), however, it is harder to get some of the recommendations delivered, unlike Pi boards which at least have a local distributor.

I’ve played around with the new pi’s a bit and they are pretty cool. The only trouble for me is most stuff in docker land and machinecode land still require x86 instruction set and and it can be tough to find stuff supporting arm. There are workarounds but rebuilding containers and cross-compiling code can be a headache. I do use something similar as an ai edge device though, Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX. I’m sure over time things will get better for arm but it’s still a bit of a pain for many things atm.