Clear Linux on Baytrail based sytems

I was wondering if Clear Linux , an highly optimized OS for intel processors can run on Baytrail compute sticks and mini PCs and netbooks with everything working out of the box . Vanilla ubuntu or fedora won’t work in these systems (we use Linuxium’s to make the OS fully working ) .

It’s easier if you just run the script to check compatibility.

BayTrail is the name for a very large family of chipsets with Atom processorts. Some may work with ClearLinux, and some will absolutely not.

The only way to get a precise answer is to ask about a specific model/board/system, and not about 100+ different systems - so, please ask about a specific unit and we can see if we can answer it. At a minimum we’ll be able to say whether we’ve seen users try and test it or not.

For instance: We’ve not seen any reports of users trying ClearLinux on the compute stick - you’d have to test it yourself.