Install on a 64 bit Intel Baytrail Atom with 32 bit UEFI

As the title says, has anyone successfully installed Clear Linux on a Lenovo Idea Centre Stick 300 or similar Atom equipped device that sports a 32 bit UEFI with a 64 bit supported architecture?

I’ve managed to do this with a variety of distros by building an EFI/BOOT folder in the Fat32 formatted USB install media housing the .ISO for the distro and loading that folder with an bootIA32 file instead of 64. This doesn’t work with Clear Linux.

Has anyone been successful?

This is the processor in this particular device:

That processor should work fine with the regular ISO. If uefi mode is a problem just change it to legacy.

This particular device doesn’t have a Legacy BIOS option, only 32 bit UEFI:

Is there anpther viable installation option if I currently have Linux running on this device? Right now, there is a Manjaro 32 bit distro running. ( I was experimenting with converting it to 64 bit architecture packages)

Installation over network or something like that? I’m still classed as a newb with Linux. I know enough to be dangerous. I’m sure I can just install Mint 19.3 32 bit or Fedora on this (I have) but what fun is that?

Will it boot from the regular Clear Linux ISO on a USB stick?