Workaround to install Clear Linux on Baytrail 32bit efi?

Anyone figured it out, how to run/install the Clear Linux on 32bit efi ?
I have tried on a Asus T100CHI, but could not get it booting.
Tried to copy the bootia32.efi file, which was partial success, but did not make it to the UI.

Can you describe this in more detail? Were you able to select/boot the linux kernel? did you see the new kernel boot?

I gave up on the Clear Linux , as it does not seem to support 64bit CPU with 32bit BIOS.
However I have attached 2 screenshots when failed for different reasons.

given your screenshots - it looks like it actually runs. I would fall back to the server ISO and avoid graphics for a bit and focus on getting a login prompt. The fact that you’re seeing user space services run means that the kernel booted.

Any follow up to this thread ? @nattomi could you boot clear linux in 32 bit uefi now ?