Clear Linux on other architecture


I’ve recently brought the new Raspberry Pi4 4GB, and I was wondering if it could be a chance to install Clear Linux on it?
It has enough specs to support it but it has an ARM Processor, not Intel.

Thank you

Hi @Traian_Paunescu, welcome to the Clear Linux* Forum!

If you have a Linux based OS already installed on the Pi – for example Raspbian – you can run a compatibility check on it. Also, you can start Clear from a live image and verify that everything works, before installing.

A successful check should be enough to assess the CPU compatibility, but I never ran Clear on an ARM processor, so I could be wrong.

I have successfully installed Clear Linux on an Intel NUC with an Intel Atom Z8350, which is an ARM processor.

No, it is not. An Intel Atom Z8350 is an Intel Architecture x86_64 processor. It is absolutely not an ARM processor.

It won’t work. The Raspberry Pi4 is an ARM architecture CPU and this architecture is not compatible.

Note: there is several embedded boards like the raspberry pi that are x86_64 based. I previously wrote about one of them here:

Another good place to look is here:

These are x86_64 (Intel Atom) boards and Clear Linux runs on these boards without issues.

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Another is up-board

This is used in the ACRN project, and it runs CL.

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Egads! Thank you for correcting and informing me. I would have lost a pizza bet had someone asked me make it. :smiley: