Running Clear Linux in LXD

  • Has anyone run Clear Linux (any release) in LXD?
  • Does anyone know if a LXD image of Clear Linux is available?
  • Or the fork of LXD, (Incus) due to some CLA changes at Canonical?

I am doing some testing with LXD and would like to run Clear Linux.

Most of the instructions are based on Debian distros:

Please no political statements on LXD and Incus, I am only interested in running Clear Linux under LXD right now.

At the moment the repository of

Does not have a Clear Linux image.

These might be of interest to you

I have used his instructions to build lxc in order to run waydroid. I’m not sure what extras are needed for lxd though

I am currently going through a process where you create a Clear Linux VM in Virtual Box and then use the supplied lxd-convert tool which converts the disk to a lxd image.

At the moment I am trying to find a Clear Linux release that will stay stable. My last known good stable at the moment is 36600, but since the update runs in the background at boot, it rolls the release forward and hangs the VM.

So I am working my way backwards through the release server looking for a build that will stay stable until I can get the image converted.

Then I can start testing.

oops, i seem to have completely misunderstood your OP

Does disabling software updates during the install not work?

Duh moment, I forget to click the “no update” box in advanced settings. Lets try this again.

After several attempts, I was able to get the lxd migrate utility to work the disk image. It won’t create a lxd VM at all, punts completely, but the container conversion kept getting rsync errors near the end. Says that the disk is full, which is clearly not the case as there was plenty of disk available. It was educational, not so much on the Clear side, but just how clunky LXC/LXD is. Which was the point.