Stuck on Syslinux screen

Hello all,

Recently, I moved the location of my server and it had some extended downtime. When I got it back online I got a bit of a shock when all of my Clearlinux VMs were no longer posting to the normal login page. Instead, they are stuck on the Syslinux preboot stage. However, the server seems to be posting as normal in the background and there aren’t any logs that give anything away. For references all of the other VMs seem to be fine. Any ideas?

here’s the image of the syslinux screen: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

After further troubleshooting it does appear getty is there. In fact, I can even login blindly and get authentication logs in journalctl.

It’s just that there is something holding the screen preventing it from showing. Which is the presumably syslinux errors. I’m not sure if they are just failing to hide themselves or what

Alright well it appears that those are just from dmesg and the screen is freezing after it reaches that.