Suggestion to use Calamares instead of its own built in installer

I wanted to suggest for the next release of Clear Linux installer to have the calamares installer rather than its own installer. Problem is that I can’t seem to dual boot with Windows with this installer and I can’t install it on a separate partition unless if I wiped the entire disk clean. With other distros that use calamares I don’t seem to have this issue.

This has been asked a few times in the thread below. You might be interested in a previously reply on the topic:

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You have three options with installation.
a) Destructive
b) Non Destructive (give CL a empty disk area and CL will assign the boot and swap and root.
c) Advanced. You specify boot and root and swap locations

Generally for a) and b), no /etc/fstab is created.

With c) a /etc/fstab is may be produced. Reading it slows the startup of CL by a substantial amount.

If you have partitions to use that are not provided by CL, create a mount point in / and
create /etc/fstab entries.

For what it is worth, with a fresh CL installation, I added a /home to the /etc/fstab, and the one I added took priority over the one CL setup. Alternatively, backup your /home to a /home2 on a regular basis.

How would I chose NOT to have a swap partition and how would I chose to have a separate home partition and mount that partition as /home?

Why not just do the non-destructive option, then using root, issue a swapoff
Then reformat the swap partition to ext4 and check what happens after a reboot
If you noted, the swap partition is just there to support hibernate. It is certainly so much smaller than ram. With adequate ram the swap partition will not be used. And if you do not have a swap partition and your applications need more ram than what is available the consequences are going to be technically fatal.

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To be honest I want to configure a swapfile rather than a swap partition. But thanks for your help anyways.