Suttering video in browser (passthrough + proprietary NVIDIA driver)

I am having a problem with all video I have tried stuttering horribly, in both Firefox and Brave.

For example the following audio-only ogg clip stutters when played in the browser, but when downloaded and played through Dragon Player, it sounds fine.

I hadn’t noticed any speed problems, but I checked my speed test showed 103Mbps down/115Mps up.

Audio and Video are coming through HDMI on a passed-through NVIDIA GTX1070 using the latest proprietary drivers (unfortunately I did not try playing any video before installing them).

Also I have the KDE bundle installed and removed as much GNOME stuff as I could (adding it back didn’t help though).

Check this page:

Wouldn’t PulseAudio affect all sound on the system, not just the browser?

Edit: OK, so it seems that video played outside of the browser is also having stuttering problems, but less so. Video played with Dragon seems fine until it has played for ~10 seconds, then it develops the same problem as browser video.

The fix was changing the driver for the audio to intel (although it is still using the HDMI from my GPU).

create: sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/pci-vm.conf

options snd-hda-intel enable_ms


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