Tab display refresh issue with Firefox

I am experiencing issue when switching from one tab to another in Firefox: display is either not refreshed or partly refreshed or correctly refreshed.
I need to minimize Firefox and maximize it to get the full display content.

Any idea? Thanks.

what’s your gpu and driver

Thanks for your answer.
It looks like my GPU is a NVidia quadro 1000M and the driver is nouveau.

Could be caused by this known bug.

But this should be fixed.
GNOME frame timings issues resulting in stuck clients in certain situations · Issue #2302 · clearlinux/distribution · GitHub

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Thanks for the indication.
Mutter v3.38.4 is not yet released for clear linux.
I am still on version 3.38.3.
I will wait and let you know if it fixes the issue.

In the meantime, I realized that I had some firmware missing for nouveau driver, installed them, but it did not resolve my issue.

Have you tried to install the extension as suggested in the post:

No, not yet and thanks for pointing out to me this extension.
I will wait first for the new version of mutter and if it does not work I will try this extension.
Thanks again for your help.

It’s said that mutter had been updated.

Yes, you are right mutter has been updated. Anyway the problem is still here. So either the fix does not work or my problem is not related to mutter.
Before installing the workaround with the gnome extension, I will report my issue to gnome and see what they say.

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