Nice / Renice Priority

I’ve noticed a few of my apps especially the larger multithreaded ones have some odd priority settings like nice 19 which lags them down to an unusable state.

Where do I edit the nice value for application launch? Is it through gnome shell, flatpak, .desktop file, a special daemon?

Are there any specific kernel patches related to priority that I should know about?

I’m wondering what are the applications that have niceness value 19.

Well Firefox and a couple of games from the repos, Albion and an emulator I forget which. It seems that when a program creates a lot of threads it gets a few low priority ones that really slow it down. Its not a problem for me having too many threads when I have an 8+ core system what with hyperthreading and everything.

It might be that my cpu is down cycling for some reason, but still I would like to have increased priority for some of the more interactive userspace applications.

(While looking into this I noticed a low priority pulseaudio process sending information to syslog. Is that normal? I know audio latency is important so wondering if that might be a factor here even though I’m using the default kernel.)

I only have 6 cores and my Firefox has nearly 200 opened tabs. I haven’t checked niceness value because things are running very smooth.
As for games I found that they works horrible with nouveau driver and I don’t know whether this is also due to low priority.

This helped me a lot with shuffling around tabs:

I’m using the Nvidia driver, but I don’t think its an issue really. I’m not running compositing or v-sync. Its more like a freezing than a lag. I already ran ‘swupd diagnose’ so my libraries are good, but perhaps I should run ‘fsck’ on the drive for a file system check. While I’m at it I think I will repartition and use the ‘toram’ kernel boot option.

‘swupd diagnose’ did report problems, but I guess I have to manually track down a possible solution.
Missing file: /usr/share/dpdk/mk/exec-env/linux/
Missing file: /usr/share/dpdk/mk/exec-env/linux/
Hash mismatch for file: /usr/share/ibus-typing-booster/engine/

ClearLinux doesn’t nice programs by default, especially interactive applications. Do you have anything installed that tries to do additional power tuning? What desktop are you using? We do nice some background system daemons, but never firefox or similar.

The only thing I have installed that may be interacting with those programs in particular is ffmpeg 1.4.3. I’m really not that fond of automation. I keep a machete next to the server rack just in case it tries to go Skynet on me.

I’m on firefox right now and it just froze twice writing this. I ran Htop and it says 20.4G VIRT on several of the threads. Is it some kind of buffer overflow?