SVT- HEVC & OBS Studio

I noticed SVT HEVC librarys are incorporated now ith swupd as well as OBS-Studio.

I don’t know exactly how HEVC works in guaging what hardware there is, but I’d like to try it to record live game play.

The HEVC_NVENC that is with fedora 35 is limited to only 15 fps at my 2160p resolutions and there is no 265 encoder for me on Clear Linux right now.

I know the hardware is capable of 60 fps, but I am blocked out.

My 6billion transistor cell phone can do 60 fps 2160p HEVC.

This 40 billion transistor PC should definitely be capable.

The compression is on par. So I know HEVC works. I am just blocked out of 60 fps.

Update*** I tried SVT AV1 and I wasn’t able to accomplish what I wanted HEVC for… I heard AV1 was better… Anyway… My whole things is; since a 6billion transitor cell phone encode HEVC 60 fps, 30 fps 2160p just fine… Why can’t this gaming PC? I’d like to know.

Between the CPU and the GPU it should… Over 8000 CUDA cores. Cell phone captures light and converts to video on screen and writes data via HEVC. Why can’t we use the screen capture device in the same way?

The cell phone works good. I got it on ebay November 2018 for 585$$… The Gaming PC is over 3000 dollars and I can’t evan make a phone call with it.

We have
Samsung 7nm process
Samsung 8nm & TSMC 7nm and what ever the mother board is…

I think it is Intel 14nm. Dose anyone know who makes x570 chipset?

This makes me want to give up entirely on new hardware and go back to HP z820 sandy bridge.

16 slots of ddr3 lower latency than ddr4 and 5 with the extra slotts to make up for lack of speed make an excelent gaming PC. When gaming i only use about 4% of PCi bandwidth anyway so being pci 3 won’t matter.

Plus it has scientific purposes also that you don’t get with gaming PC’s. I had an easier time encoding video when I had a dual e5 2690 - rtx 2080

The only reason this 5950x is good is because it is low power and super smoothe.

The phone specs:

Qualcomm Snapdragon 855

:iphone: Model features
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus
Chipset 64bit - Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 (SM8150) (7nm)
CPU Octa-Core, 3 processors: 2.84GHz Single-Core Kryo 485 2.42GHz Triple-Core Kryo 485 1.78GHz Quad-Core Kryo 485
GPU graphical controller Qualcomm Adreno 640 (585MHz)

Google says 2.84Ghz, but mine is in reality 3.1Ghz; it is great for encoding audio.

The z620 could do h.264 lossless for short bursts also before memory maxed out…

I thought we’d have HEVC by now working… I tryed the nvidia_hevc, but it sucks. Only 20 fps…

The cell phone can record all this… Brand new video. It takes like a week for google to process. ,but you can see evan the 360p version is as good as the stream.


still processing 2160p as of 5.13.22 15:02 EST

This stream finished hear, but doesn’t have music: