The video adapter does not work in clear Linux

A video adapter from an Intel processor works in clear Linux, although there is a more efficient video adapter from Radeon (it also does not switch in games).
My system - Dell inspiron 5570 | I5 7200U | Radeon 530 4gb| 4gb 2400 mhz ram (but i update this to 8gb 2400 mhz)

Does it work or not work?

Working intel UHD Graphics, but i need radeon

What do you mean by not working?

Adapter is not broken Clear Linux just don’t used it

I’m a bit lost. Don’t use it?

OS use in games intel UHD which has 512 mb, but i have Radeon 530 which has 4gb, and I need the system to use Radeon 530 video adapter.

Do you mean you want to use AMD graphics card for your application instead of Intel UHD Graphics?
If so, use DRI_PRIME=1 env variable

from terminal
$ export DRI_PRIME=1

$ application-name


$ DRI_PRIME=1 application-name

from .desktop launcher

Exec = env DRI_PRIME=1 application-name

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How i can do this with game from steam?

Well. I know how use it in steam. But my game don’t working. No crash windows, just don’t starting.

Not sure, I never used steam. You can google it.

I found something that might help

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