TLP Default Configuration File

I’ve been looking into using TLP as a way to not only save power on a Clear Linux laptop, but also as a way to tune performance based on what state the battery is in, be it discharging from battery (sip the watts, please) or on AC power (full throttle!!). However, while other distros provide a default config file for TLP, with sane settings and an explanation on how to fine tune each setting, Clear doesn’t seem to provide a configuration file at all. I was curious as to why and whether that was by design?


Generally we try to make the software stateless (see: man stateless). This means not having to rely on a config file, working without one entirely, and separating OS default configs from user configs.

In this case, I didn’t spend too much time adding TLP and in my limited testing I didn’t see anything that prevented it from working. In its default config it appeared to function alright without one. If that’s not the case, it would be a bug and we should fix it.

In this case the program itself works, but activating it as a service fails with the following error:

Error: TLP power save is disabled. Set TLP_ENABLE=1 in /usr/share/defaults/tlp.

The file contains more than just the TLP_ENABLE bit, but also fine tuning for power options on devices, storage, CPU governor states, etc.

I’ll submit a bug report to GitHub.


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