Understanding binaries making up a bundle


I set out to install tcp dump this morning.
Did swupd search tcpdump

Was presented with:

Component tcpdump has version 4.9.3

Bundle with the best search result:
network-basic - Run network utilities and modify network settings. (50MB)

This bundle can be installed with:

swupd bundle-add network-basic

Alternative bundle options are

My question is how can I list all the binaries that are provided in “network-basic”

We currently do not have a way to do this (yet). We’re working on a solution for that in the future, though. You can inspect the Manifest files on the download servers if you really want to know, but that’s probably not what you want.

Id be interested in knowing how to view those manifests if you dont mind me asking.

Sure: here’s the one for network-basic from version 32870:


Just open it in a text editor after downloading, and you get the idea of how it works. There’s more info in the swupd-client project describing the format. mixer-tools also has more info.