Installing libtinfo5 library

Hi there,

I am new to Clear Linux and still getting familiar with the OS but I have one question. I am trying to install the library for a program that I intend to run and I cannot seem to find a way install it with swupd. I tried to search for it with the following command: sudo swupd bundle-list --all but I was not able to see it on the available bundles.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :laughing:

$ sudo swupd search-file
Downloading all Clear Linux manifests

Searching for ‘’

Bundle compat-common (3 MB to install)

it’s in the compat-common bundle, which contains a few other prehistoric libraries as well
(tinfo as the world ships it for several years now is at the .so.6 version)

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Awesome, thank you! Still getting used to the environment and downloading packages :sweat_smile: