Upcoming format bump

You may have heard us mention formats and format bumps from time to time. To put it simply, formats are how swupd views the OS so it knows how to handle all the bundles and changes to bundles as the OS is updated. When the way those bundles are handled is changed, we bump the format version number and update swupd to ensure it can handle the new format. If we do it right, the users shouldn’t see any impact. swupd updates should work forward across format bumps, but are not guaranteed to work if you try to back rev to a particular version of Clear Linux with a previous format.

More details can be found at https://github.com/clearlinux/swupd-server/wiki/Format-bump-rationale and https://github.com/clearlinux/swupd-server/wiki/Format-Bumps

I’m posting this message today as we are expecting to have a format bump this week.

What’s changing for the bump:

  • Support will be added for optional bundle includes

  • The following bundles will be deleted:

    • database-basic
    • database-basic-dev
    • kernel-hyperv-mini
    • kernel-networktest
    • kernel-pk
    • NetworkManager-basic
    • web-server-basic
    • xemacs
    • zoneminder
  • The following deprecated bundles will be marked for deletion in the next format bump:

    • database-extras
    • java9-basic