Using ROCm + HIP w/ ClearLinux

Has anyone gotten ROCm 6.0 or earlier setup on ClearLinux?

Using nix package manager it was easy enough to get to a point where I could run rocminfo (5.7.1) showing 3 agents, 2x Xeon 6154, and 7900XTX (GPU I’m hoping to leverage). That was promising.

I’m less certain about AMD dkms, and installing them. Running through the post installation instructions, dkms status shows nothing.

I had question about the amdgpu driver in Clear:

[    3.340179] [drm] Initialized amdgpu 3.54.0 20150101 for 0000:3d:00.0 on minor 0

And tracked that down to this commit. Which makes sense since it 6.6 kernel.

Now a few question that show my ignorance, bare with me.

  • Are dkms generally built targeting specific kernel versions?
  • How might I manually install dkms?

I can fetch rpm, and deb packaged dkms from Index of /amdgpu/6.0/, but unsure how to proceed from there or if that’s going to be a dead-end – I presume building from sources would be ideal (don’t know where to find those sources, or if they’re public yet).

Also learning how I might make bundles. So if I’m successful I’d like to create a ROCm bundle for Clear.

Any guidance would be great.


Tagging this thread for reference. It will at least provide me a template of what to look for, what might be needed configuration wise, as I work through it.