VLC bundle broken?

Doesn’t work in a clean install either. Always used the flatpak but trying to make do this go around without it.

Does not appear to even attempt to start at all. No complaints in terminal either.

I have made a fresh install of the CL-36870, with the same pendrive, on 2 different notebooks: 1) Lenovo Thinkpad T530 (Core i5 3rd / 8GB) , where VLC works fine; and 2) Dell Latitude 7490 (Core i7 8th / 16GB) where VLC doesn’t start, no message, nothing.
Exactly the same installation on both, same packages … both are a mirror of the other one.

Have you use this one?

sudo swupd bundle-add vlc

Sometimes you have to let software sit for around of updates because something may be out of sync with you have since everything is bleeding edge. There might be something missing that was on a previous version. For instance… I’ll install a fresh Nvidia Driver and it usually takes a couple of days for GWE or OBS to work. Make sure to download and install ffmpeg.

git clone https://git.ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg.git ffmpeg
cd /home/$user/ffmpeg
sudo -s
./configure && make && make install

That should do it.