VMWare Workstation Pro post-installation issues

After following this tutorial, my system doesn’t show any audio devices in settings.

i7-4790k CPU, RX 5700 XT GPU, using HDMI audio out.

On a side note, I keep having to run:
sudo vmware-modconfig --console --install-all

In order to use VMWare Workstation Pro after every reboot.

Autoload VMware Kernel Modules

sudo mkdir /etc/modules-load.d
sudo gedit /etc/modules-load.d/vmware.conf


sudo clr-boot-manager update

modprobe -a vmw_vmci vmmon

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That’s it! That worked. Never thought to add a config file, thanks!

As far as the sound devices not being detected, I ended up performing a fresh copy. I think I need to change the topic to something more suitable, LOL!!!